Yaco Eskenazi assures that Natalie looks at him with contempt: Crisis in sight? [VIDEO]

In a new show America shows, Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz starred in a kind of live ‘couples therapy’, where some negative points in their relationship were aired, what is it about?

Natalie was initially caught after a commercial and when she was relaxed she said, “I don’t really care. Yes, I have all my versions, different realities ”.

It was at that moment that Yaco clarified that it usually happens when they both share a bed at night: “I’m already like Thalía, I have few ribs left (…) It’s horrible, I feel like this and not even anymore… Your hand is wide, it knees here , on the ribs. The worst thing is that before he told me: you are snoring, Then I ‘excuse me, my love’, and I lay on my side and passed, now he does me like this and I turn around and he’s like this (angry), with contempt he sees me, as if saying ‘I mean, are you going to stop or how is the pod ‘”.

Without staying silent, the model added: “No, what happens is why am I going to warn if they are going to continue with the same thing, then I have to (drive). I’m like this with Leo and I say ‘I hate you’, to the rib, whatever comes, sometimes my foot, whatever because there is no way ”.

But it was Yaco who insisted on continuing with the complaints: “Four in the morning, I don’t understand what’s going on, my deep sleep, I look at her and (she’s angry).”

Laughing, his wife said to finish: “We are going to stop this because it really looks like couples therapy” to which the host pointed out: “I love it, soon do not miss the new Yaco and Natalie program, they will tell you how live as a couple and be happy ”.

Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi fight LIVE out of jealousy: “You have a filthy mind”

Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi are conducting More Shows with Jazmín Pinedo for a few weeks, and they surprised by starring in a fight out of jealousy.

The ‘Chinita’ asked the couple who was the most jealous, and it was he who acknowledged: “I, anyway, me. (…) If not you’re going to slap me, I better say that I head on. Anyway, me, 100%, “he said.

When listening to Yaco Eskenazi, Natalie Vértiz agreed with him. “Good that you admitted it. He’s super jealous mega arch, ”she said, not waiting for what he would say next.