Yaco Eskenazi confesses what his bad habit is: “I smell my feet” [VIDEO]

Yaco Eskenazi was in a fun question and answer session broadcast by the program More shows This Wednesday, January 5, however, what attracted the most attention was the secret that, apparently, he had very well kept.

“What is your bad habit?”, The reporter asked him, to which he answered first: “I take Natalie’s flip-flops, hers are comfortable because they are like leopard and sometimes mine make my paws sweat. “.

But not content with it, he continued: “Surely I can also smell my hooves, don’t you smell yourself? I do it with my finger, I also take a bath, but after a day’s work, you take off your shoes and say today I was fine or else today I was soft”, between laughs.

The reporter at all times tried to find out if this was a joke, but until the end Yaco seemed not to be playing.

Yaco casts Natalie as a lousy travel organizer: “He made me take like 14 planes”

Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz spoke again about their private lives in More shows and it is that according to the model’s husband revealed, she as a travel organizer does not take any awards and it is that once she already had a bad experience.

“Ale was going to tell you just that, how cool that you organize trips like that, Natalie once organized a trip to Colorado (USA) and I tell you that I had to take 14 planes to get there, it took me a week, I’ll pass , I fell asleep on an airport carpet with Liam here on my shoulder. “

“I swear … 12 flights to Denver, Colorado,” added Yaco, recalling the fatal experience with his wife, model Natalie.