Yaco Eskenazi denounces Hugo García and Alessia Rovegno: “Today they are one month old”

Did it escape you? Yaco Eskenazi He surprised everyone by coincidentally revealing that this Friday, January 7, Hugo García and Alessia Rovegno will be celebrating a month as lovers.

This occurred during a note from Edson Dávila ‘Giselo’, when Yaco, inadvertently, released a comment that no one expected.

“Luchito, don’t make me dance, unless they invite me to a Cayo marriage, they force you, and Huguito’s, if you invite me … today they are one month old. To the…! Huguito, excuse me, no one will want to be my friend if I continue like this ”, noted the former reality boy.

“We continue with the first fruits” said Jazmín Pinedo with a laugh. Immediately, Natalie Vértiz wanted to help him and sent him a tender message: “Don’t worry, my love, I can be your friend forever, your lover.”

Jazmín Pinedo and Natalie Vértiz were very surprised when they presented the new edition of + Espectáculos this January 6. Yaco Eskenazi appeared on the television set with a fresh look and was compared to the 8-mile performer by his own wife. “Here comes Eminem!” Said the former Miss Peru winner as a joke.

Yaco Eskenazi is not only a close friend of Jefferson Farfán, but also of Paolo Guerrero. Therefore, the former reality boy avoided criticizing the national attacker, who recently received harsh criticism after celebrating his birthday with a massive party despite the increase in COVID-19 infections.

“My job is not to criticize. Each person is the owner of their actions and has every right to celebrate. I have nothing to say about it. I hope you had a good time, “he told El Popular.