Yaco Eskenazi launches a new look and Natalie Vértiz trolls him: “Here comes Eminem!” [VIDEO]

He cannot with his genius. Yaco Eskenazi has been giving to speak for his dimes and diretes with his wife, Natalie Vértiz, and now both returned to star in a curious moment LIVE.

It all happened in the last edition of More Shows, this Thursday, January 6. Jazmín Pinedo and the former Miss Peru started the program without the presence of their partner, and did not hesitate to joke.

Natalie Vértiz remembered the fights she has been starring in with Yaco Eskenazi LIVE, and she left with everything. “Because he is taking a lot of clothes out of the air, I have told him that he better not come,” he said.

However, the model later introduced her husband on set and compared him to a well-known rapper as a joke. “Here comes Eminem!”, He said at the entrance of this.

Next, Yaco Eskenazi He appeared again before the cameras and surprised when he released a new look because his hair was bleached and now it is blonde. Far from being upset, he was moved by the words of Natalie Vertiz. “I liked that presentation,” he said.

Quickly, the three drivers changed the subject and began to discuss national entertainment as they have been doing. Do you tune in to More Shows?

Valeria and Brunella praise Pamela, Natalie and Ivana: “It seems they never got pregnant”

The conductors of Más Espectáculos spoke about all the celebrities who became mothers, and threw flowers LIVE. One of them was Natalie Vertiz.

“I want them to bring Pamela Franco, I want to see her. I don’t know how old her baby is, and she already has little squares,” said Brunella Horna, to which Valeria Piazza added: “Natalie seems to have never got pregnant, how regal.”