Yaco Eskenazi: the time he walked away from Natalie Vértiz and how they reconciled

Aldo Miyashiro and Oscar del Portal During these last days, he has been in the eye of the storm because of the ampay they had with Fiorella Méndez and Fiorella Retiz, for which many users assured that now they only have hopes in the marriage of Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz, but very few remember one of the biggest crises they had and for this reason in this note from El Popular we tell you about it.

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Why did Yaco Eskenazi leave Natalie Vértiz?

In February 2022, Iaco Eskenazi revealed during a press conference that her marriage to Natalie Vertiz A few months before, he had gone through a major crisis for personal reasons that led him to move away from his wife.

According to the presenter, at the end of 2019 and the beginning of that year he experienced very difficult moments that made him move away from his wife, because he wanted to face his problems for himself.

“I have gone through a very difficult stage, January when I was 40 years old because they give you insecurities and on December 31 my father passed away. Not all human beings take things the same way. I did not want to talk to anyone, I wanted to solve my problems by myself and that made me move away from my wife, “he said. Iaco.

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How did Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz solve their problems?

Iaco Eskenazi He also said that by the time of the press conference they were already solving the great crisis he had with natalie and that they were even planning to have their second children. Although he did not reveal what they did to solve their problems, on several occasions they have emphasized that communication is essential for both.

“Today everything is perfect, we are still married and we sleep in the same bed. Thank God, the storm is over, our first storm. We are happy and planning our future,” he said. Eskenazi.