Yaco reveals how Farfán chooses his clothes: “It depends on the mood with which he gets up, it looks like a shopping center”

Like a luxury store. Yaco Eskenazi was impressed when he saw the varied wardrobe of the soccer player Jefferson Farfán and it is that after having known a tremendous place, he was left with the question of how he could choose between so many clothes and shoes, so the Foquita answered him.

“He has come out to say that he not only uses brand things, but also things from Gamarra,” said La Chinita Jasmine Pinedo before giving pass to the note, but first, Yaco spoke.

“I’ve had the opportunity to get to know that mall, the walking closet that he has in his room, you go, I like clothes, it looks like Disney, so I asked him, how do you choose on Wednesday? I would go crazy and he said that he chose according to the mood with which he gets up, “he commented.

In addition, he also threw his wife Natalie with who has an equally dazzling room in their house, which made her burst into laughter along with Jasmine, because she also has a similar one.

Yaco Eskenazi ‘claims’ that Natalie views him with contempt

Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz starred in a kind of live ‘couples therapy’, where some negative points in their relationship were aired, what is it about?

Natalie was initially caught after a commercial and when she was relaxed she said, “I don’t really care. Yes, I have all my versions, different realities ”.

It was at that moment that Yaco clarified that it usually happens when they both share a bed at night: “I’m already like Thalía, I have few ribs left (…) It’s horrible, I feel like this and not even anymore… Your hand is wide, it knees here , on the ribs. The worst thing is that before he told me: you are snoring, then I ‘excuse me, my love’, and I would lie on my side and pass, now he does this to me and I turn around and he is like this (angry), with contempt he sees me, as if saying ‘ I mean, are you going to stop or how is the pod ‘”.