Yaco reveals LIVE how he reacted with Natalie in the shaking: “He posed for Instagram” [VIDEO]

In a new edition of More shows, Yaco Eskenazi recalled at the beginning of the program how he experienced the 5.6-degree earthquake this morning with his wife Natalie Vértiz, whom he threw out with his peculiar way of posing in ‘misfortune’.

“How was it at 5:30 am? How was it shaking”, asked Chinita Jazmín Pinedo and Yaco was quick to answer: “So instinctively, I stood up and said ‘I’ll grab Liam, you go for the baby’ , I was torn away and I think I scared him more than the shaking itself, he grabbed like a koala and we went to the door frame. “

In addition, he added a funny memory in reference to his wife’s poses: “Natalie and Leo were thinking that we were going out in the Instagram, in case some tormenting neighbor decided to take a photo, “causing laughter on set.

“Natalie told us five minutes ago why she came out like this,” said Jasmine with a laugh and then Natalie explained, “I wanted her to sleep until 7 in the morning, but at 5:00 am?”

Rodrigo Cuba and Ale Venturo had a double date with Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi

Rodrigo Cuba is on everyone’s lips after his ampay with Ale Venturo on the beach, and now they are shown from top to bottom, even hanging out with Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi.

“A while ago the best friends got together again, but on a special evening,” said Samuel Suárez, sharing images that Ale Venturo and Natalie Vértiz uploaded on their platforms.