Yaco throws Natalie Vértiz out and assures that she changed her look again: “It lasted a day”

Yaco Eskenazi threw out his wife Natalie Vértiz and it is that after announcing last week that he made a color change in his hair from brown to blonde, he threw himself back nothing more and nothing less than by choice of his wife.

As revealed My mom’s driver cooks better than yours, Natalie suggested that she return to her original color, so she had no choice but to repaint herself.

“I’m surrounded by girls who are not so intuitive, they always say that women are more attentive, but no one has noticed my hair,” Yaco mentioned pointing to his hair, which is dark again.

“Oh it’s true, she changed her look again, it lasted a day,” said Jazmín Pinedo with an amused laugh.

“It made me go back to black quickly,” he replied after Natalie stated that he had only shown himself to be a versatile boy.

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Yaco and Natalie reveal details of their dinner with El Gato Cuba

The married couple Yaco Eskenazi and Natalie Vértiz shocked the viewers of Más Espectáculos after revealing unpublished details of the special dinner at an exclusive restaurant with well-known soccer player Rodrigo Cuba and his new partner Alexandra Venturo.

“He sees himself as a very equanimous person, very stable, very emotionally intelligent and that is very good for Ale because he needs to be with someone like that. They complement each other very well, we have had a great time, we have talked about everything,” he said. .

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