Yadira Cárdenas, Josimar’s wife, SURPRISES after arriving in Peru and reveals: “Just visit” [VIDEO]

Will you seek a divorce? In the last edition of Magaly TV The Firm There was an unexpected moment after it was revealed that Yadira Cárdenas, still Josimar’s wife, arrived on Peruvian lands. However, the Cuban woman left the mystery about her reason for her trip.

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Let’s remember that a few weeks ago, the salsa singer’s sentimental ex-partner announced through his social networks that he would come to Lima and many took it as a warning to Mary Faith Saldanawho now has an affair with the artist.

This time, the show program Magaly Medina managed to capture the arrival of Yadira Cardenas to Peru, who surprised by wearing an apparently expensive look for his Gucci backpack. However, Josimar’s wife, when asked about her reason for her trip, stated: “Just to visit.”

For his part, the reporter questioned in the note: “Why did he come, to put things in order? To claim his rights as the authentic Mrs. Fidel?, to claim the salsa singer for the harsh betrayal that he had to go through twice when he left her to go on tour meeting Maria Fe in Colombia,” he asked.

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Josimar receives criticism from users for rudeness to the press

the peruvian salsa Josimar He has been in the middle of the eye of the storm for several weeks to resume his sentimental relationship with Mary Faith Saldana. However, the public figure also received the rejection of his own followers after being rude to the press.

“That happens to give wings to this bad man”, “Singer? Hallucinated”, “Yesterday he arrived, not even people looked at him at the airport but he believed he was a diva”, “Nobody gave him importance at the airport”, and ” The divo does not lose his courage” were some statements.