Yahaira and his brother ‘Yorch’ could go to jail after Olenka Mejía’s lawsuit

Chollywood alarms went off! Apparently Olenka Mejia Yahaira Plasencia is sworn in, because according to the latest advances by Amor y Fuego, the former sister-in-law of the sauce boat, would not have feared anything and let the law take its course, this after a long trial between them.

As it is remembered, Mejía would not go to Plasencia because he affirms that he would have defamed her, before the complaint, the law would have given its favor to Olenka so that now the sauce boat would see them green.

According to the progress of the program of Rodrigo González and Gigi MiterYahaira could go to jail because instead of paying the 20 thousand soles that are in favor of Mejía, he would have given him only 150 soles.

“Before entering the program, the situation has been super complicated, the concerts have not been fully reactivated, anyway, I already have a regime to follow, of conduct, of things that I cannot speak, you have to respect what it says The judge, I am with all the wave of being able to comply, “said the sauce boat defending herself for giving almost 200 soles.

Now, the popular interpreter of ‘Cobarde’ could face a visit to jail, because even her brother Jorge Plasencia, would also be prevented from leaving the country. What will happen?

Olenka Mejía: users do not support her

In the comments of the advance of the program, various netizens, apparently fans of Yahaira Plasencia, they commented annoyed by what could happen stating that it was not fair.

According to users, Mejía would be taking advantage of the situation, however, it should be noted that in our country defamation of a person is something by which we could reach this point.

Why did Olenka denounce Yahaira?

The ex-partner and mother of Jorge ‘Yorch’ Plasencia’s son, Olenka Mejia, denounced Yahaira Plasencia for aggravated defamation after he declared that his firstborn was the son of another man.

“I know many things. It is that if she did not notify Jorge months after she was pregnant, it is because she did not know if Jorge was the father. The delivery was paid for by another boy,” Yahaira said during an interview by phone call.

This statement would have made Olenka decided to take action on the matter and denounce the ‘queen of the totó’ for aggravated defamation and later request a civil reparation of 20,000 soles.

As is known, since 2018 ‘Yorch’ and Olenka They entered into a dispute because he did not want to take care of the minor, and it took three months for him to decide to recognize him.

In addition, Mejía assured that for a while her ex-partner did not want to give her her son because she did not have the money to give him maintenance for food, so she would be the one who would have the visitation regime.

Why doesn’t Yahaira pay civil damages?

According Olenka, Yahaira He told the judge that he could not pay the 20,000 soles for civil damages because he did not have a job, so he only deposited 150 soles.

“He will not be able to leave the country without prior notice, he will have to sign every month for a year and he will also pay the civil compensation for something of 20 thousand. (He will pay it) before the end of 2021”, said the sentence of the sauce boat .

Faced with this position of the singer of not wanting to pay the amount ruled by the judge, the ex-partner of ‘Yorch’ said that if he did not pay her all the money, he would be effective.

“Seriously on these issues I am doing my internship as a criminal lawyer, you know for your cases you can hire me. Ayyyy nooo today they made me the day JAJAJAJAJAJAJA I can not laugh, poor thing does not have a job HAHAHAHA. I do not accept ANYTHING! You pay everything or you you’re going to be effective, it’s that simple !!! “, he wrote on his social networks Olenka.

Claudia Serpa would accept versus with Yahaira Plasencia in The Artist of the Year: “I would do it with humility”

Claudia Serpa is not afraid of Yahaira Plasencia and was willing to compete directly with her in The Artist of the Year. He also stressed that he would do it with “humility”.

“Yes, of course, if I have come to this program to meet challenges, each challenge that Give in every week, every Saturday I will do it, with great pleasure, a lot of humility, above all, and a lot of passion“, he sentenced.

Olenka furious with Yahaira Plasencia because he paid her 150 soles of civil reparation of 20 thousand

Olenka Mejía, the ex-sister-in-law of Yahaira Plasencia, demands that the sauce boat comply with civil damages, but instead abide by the consequences according to the law, such as being detained.

“I am not going to take the time for a nonsense that is little the amount that she that the Judicial Power requested for civil reparation. 150 soles I think is humiliating. What we have done with my lawyer is to get all his immigration record … “, he sentenced.