Yahaira Plasencia after Farfán praised Daniela: “I did not come to this world to compete with anyone”

He spoke loud and clear. Jefferson Farfán made people talk by posing with Daniela Darcourt and praising her since many consider her a rival of Yahaira Plasencia, and she finally came out to answer.

Everything happened in their social networks. Through the stories on her official Instagram account, the sauce boat avoided extensively declaring, and chose to share an image from the past.

The snapshot in question Yahaira Plasencia had a strong message of improvement, which would be her discharge after they began to compare her with Daniela darcourt by the words of his ex, Jefferson Farfán.

“I did not come to this world to compete with anyone, I only came to live my life, fulfill my dreams and be happy”, was what the popular ‘Queen of the totó’ said without giving further explanations.

This message was supported by many of his followers, including Rodrigo González, who showed that he believes in the talent of Yahaira Plasencia by giving ‘like’.

It should be noted that the singer’s words also come hours after Jazmín Pinedo hit Jefferson Farfán with a stick for applauding Daniela Darcourt when this had already happened with her. “Three years ago he said that the other one is good,” he declared LIVE during More Shows.

Melissa Klug on Jefferson Farfán: “We will be parents of two beautiful children until God wants”

A few days ago, the popular ‘Blanca de Chucuito’ even decided to speak about her children’s half-sister, Maialen, who is the eldest daughter of ‘Foquita’. “I didn’t know (that she finished school, how good, she’s already a young lady,” he said.

Finally, when referring specifically to Jefferson Farfán, Melissa Klug made it clear that they have a great relationship for their little ones. “We will be parents of two beautiful children until God wants,” he said.

Melissa Klug made it clear that she has a great relationship with Jefferson Farfán for their little ones, and she even spoke about her eldest daughter, Maialen.