Yahaira Plasencia: at what age did the singer start working and what did she spend her first salary on?

Was he already inclined towards the artistic? Singer Yahaira Plasencia she has the success and luxuries that she did not necessarily have from a very young age, since her childhood was hard. To achieve everything she has, she worked hard since she was little, since there was not enough money in her house. However, she has not done badly thanks to the great artistic talent that she possesses, not only in singing and dancing, but also at a strategic level to continue to stay in force, despite the fact that she has not only achieved success.

The interpreter of “Y le dije no” has been very controversial due to her romances and some impasses in her professional career. However, this time, the artist distances herself from all the sequins and great eccentricities that she uses to tell one of the saddest stories that she went through in her childhood. Do you want to know what was her first job and at what age? Next, we will tell you all the details.

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Yahaira Plasencia: artistic career

The salsa singer Yahaira Plasencia was born in Lima on April 24, 1994. During her early years, the dancer lived in Jesús María, in her grandmother’s house, but as a teenager she moved to Rímac, which was the district that marked her career. because there he made his first steps and allowed him to find more opportunities at the job level. The young woman was very clear that she had to exploit her artistic abilities and, therefore, she was trained at the Maricielo Effio academy, who gave her a scholarship because she had few financial resources.

At only 14, she participated in the Hanna Montana Circus in the logistics area so that she later entered the dance cast. In 2012, businesswoman Paula Arias saw potential in her and made her join the female orchestra Son Tentación. From there she did not stop until she stood out for her remarkable movements and how well she interpreted songs like “Déjala”. Thus, in 2017, she distanced herself from her and began her career as a soloist, the same one in which she continues to work to this day, with successes and failures. The artist has managed to be invited to very important awards and her manager is the renowned Serious George; However, not everything has been rosy in her life.

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Yahaira Plasencia was arrested for celebrating her birthday in quarantine

The media life of the model Yahaira Plasencia began when she was in an affair with the soccer player Jefferson Farfán, who would have been unfaithful to the mother of her children, Melissa Klug, with the singer. However, that was not the only time that the sauce boat had a hard time publicly, since in 2021 she had the bad idea of ​​celebrating her 27th birthday clandestinely and her outcome was very embarrassing.

This happened in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Peru, a state of emergency had been declared and parties of any kind could not be held, among other things. The interpreter of “Déjala” skipped all protocol and gathered her best friends for her party, until the police intervened and the influencer hid in the trunk of one of the event cars. However, this did not prevent her from being taken to the police station and she had to go out and apologize publicly for what happened.

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What was Yahaira Plasencia’s first job?

The salsa Yahaira Plasencia visited the Milagros Leiva program to recount passages of her life that had never been revealed before. Thus, when the journalist asked her about her childhood, the model remembered with great nostalgia how her parents raffled off everything they had to offer her five children a home and values.

In this sense, the interpreter of “Cobarde” assured: “My first job was as a dancer for children’s shows. At that time, I was about 11 or 10 years old. They paid me 30 or 50 soles and it was for my family, my mother. In At that time, that money was a lot and I always gave it to my parents so they could buy something to eat”.