Yahaira Plasencia entrusts himself to God, problems ?: “I don’t know what you’re doing, but it hurts” [VIDEO]

Are you going through problems? Peruvian singer Yahaira Plasencia surprised with a hilarious message in her social networks and entrusts himself to God in times of confusion.

“In the seasons, when you have no idea where God wants to take you, you always say …”, begins the message that the national sauce company shared with its thousands of followers.

It was via his official account Instagram than the popular ‘Queen of the Toto‘He posted the mysterious message, hinting that he would be going through difficult times, is that why he would be thinking of giving dance classes?

“God, I don’t know what you’re doing, but it hurts. God, I’m very confused, where are you taking me? And many times the answer we get is blank or maybe we already had a whisper from him …”, dictated part of the message that Yahaira Plasencia public.

Yahaira Plasencia offers dance classes: “I would like to be closer to you”

The sauce boat Yahaira Plasencia would be looking for new ways to earn money in what prepares surprises together with Sergio George and announces possible dance classes.

This summer I would like to be closer to you, what do you think of some dance classes for everyone? “, He wrote in the first part of his post, being followed by two options:” I love it “and” I don’t know Rick “. Will there be a master’s degree in dance from the salsa company herself?