Yahaira Plasencia is projected: “I will not stop until my music is heard all over the world”

Yahaira Plasencia He reflected on his achievements in 2021 and shared with his social media followers a video with which he summarized his last two presentations of the year, which he called The First Salsa Musical. The sauce boat revealed that her music is already projected to reach the international level.

The interpreter of “And I said no” highlighted the performance of her entire production team and the talents on stage. “I must say that I have an incredible team and without the support of each of them none of this would have been possible,” she wrote on Instagram.

The singer also sent a strong message to those who have previously criticized her for the attendance of viewers who had both presentations and assured that her greatest goal is to be a reference in music worldwide.

“I chose the most difficult path, that of doing different things for the good of our sauce industry. This is a genre that has many exponents of this new generation and with everyone’s work we will once again take salsa to another level. I know that many still do not understand the tireless work that I am doing, but I will not stop until my music is heard around the world. 2022, let’s go with everything ”, were the words of Yahaira Plasencia about the demands of the art scene.

Yahaira Plasencia has already gained some fame in Latin American countries. In addition to having performed at various events and musical award ceremonies, the Peruvian singer has also been recognized for her work on stage. The presentation she starred in at the 2021 Heat Awards was included in the top 10 of the most outstanding numbers.

The Peruvian ranked ninth on the list, so she did not hesitate to share the news with her millions of followers.