Yahaira Plasencia is uncomfortable with Andrés Hurtado when asking him about Jefferson Farfán: “Look what he asks”

The singer Yahaira Plasencia was announced by Andres Hurtado as one of his guests for the recent edition of “Saturday with Andrés“She came to delight the driver’s public with the best of her repertoire, as well as to chat a little about her personal life and professional career.

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Sitting in the luxurious red and gold armchair with which Andrew receives their visitors, they talked about the learning they had Yahaira through the years, that is, from when it became known to its current popularity.

However, suddenly and unexpectedly, stolen asked a question to plasencia that generated her discomfort, which was reflected in her face when the cameras struck her out.

Andres Hurtado he asked Yahaira Plasencia if she missed her ex-partner Jefferson Farfán. To this, the singer responded indignantly: “Look what he asks. I’m here for ‘Premio lo nuestro’ and it comes out ‘you miss Jefferson'”, generating laughter from those present.

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How did Yahaira Plasencia and Jefferson Farfán start a romance?

It was 2015 when Yahaira Plasencia was in the ranks of the group “are temptation“. Casually, Jefferson Farfan He was also in that place and was amazed with the dance movements of the salsa boat.

That’s why, farfan asked for the cell phone number plasencia and that was the first step to their future romance. Weeks later of the same year, they would confirm their sentimental stage, where the player made the news known.

“I am starting a new stage in my life by starting a new relationship with Miss Yahaira Plasencia. After being alone for a while, I met someone and I am happy and calm in this new personal stage”, expressed Jefferson in his social networks.

Finally, 2016 arrived and it became known of an alleged infidelity of Yahaira toward ‘the little seal’So, the athlete Jersson Reyes came to participate in the program “The value of truth“and he confessed that he had an ‘encounter’ with ‘the boss’.