Yahaira Plasencia leaves a reflective message on her social networks: “I will never stop dreaming”

The salsa singer Yahaira Plasencia, who is a participant in The Edge of the Year, received various compliments from Gisela Valcárcel at the second gala, for highlighting both singing, dancing and acting. After appearing on the reality show, the Peruvian artist did not hesitate to leave an emotional message about her musical career and her participation in the program.

Through her Instagram account, the singer left an extensive message where she mentioned that she will strive to achieve everything she sets out to do.

“It was a very difficult week, especially in my state of mind, I made many mistakes that have taken their toll; however, I am an artist and the performance must continue. I will never stop dreaming, I will continue to strive to achieve everything I set my mind to, for my family, my fans and for all those who trust me ”, read in his recent post.

Then, the interpreter of “Cobarde” thanked the people who have been with her through thick and thin, and indicated that she will try harder in the reality show The Artist of the Year.

“Thanks to all those who love me and follow me, it was their support that made me able to go out and give my all at this gala, despite everything. Starting today I promise not to disappoint you, I will put my nerves and problems aside, and I will focus solely on giving the best of Yahaira Plasencia ”, added.

Singer Yahaira Plasencia did not hesitate to advise Elías Montalvo and told him that he should focus on showing his talent on the dance floor of The Artist of the Year.

“Elias, I love him a lot, he knows that. Keep going, don’t give up. I know it is difficult when everything comes to you very quickly, the heavy load, the criticisms, when they judge you so much sometimes you don’t know how to act. I have been hospitalized, with depression and I have wanted to leave everything, but thanks to God and my family I was able to get out of that, “he said.

After receiving various negative comments for his participation in The Artist of the Year, Yahaira Plasencia assured that he was giving his best.

“My rehearsals are super good and I am comfortable with what I have had to sing and dance with, it is a pop. I feel calm, in fact, the issue of breathing still plays against me a bit because I like to dance all the time and that makes me not dose my air well. But this Saturday will be different, “said the singer.