Yahaira Plasencia on her participation in The Artist of the Year: “It would be great to raise the glass”

The presentation of Yahaira Plasencia last Saturday, November 13, in The Artist of the Year has caused great surprise. The singer’s performance was applauded by the reality judges who gave her a high score. After the good comments, the sauce boat wanted to reach the final and be the lucky one to take the cup home, although she acknowledged that she needs to perfect some details for the following galas.

“Breathing, dosing, that’s what is missing. Hopefully God wants us to reach the final and it would be great to raise the glass. I have come here to overcome my fears and I am worried about myself “ indicated for Trome.

In addition, the interpreter of “And I said no” said that she is happy with the score obtained in her first presentation of Gisela Valcárcel’s reality show. “Good, I think good. I sing while dancing, that’s what works against me because it is easy to sing while standing, not dancing, and then dancing no? I did the complete things, but we are going to improve with the help of the teachers ”, he added.

At the end of the program The Artist for the Year, participants had the responsibility of sending one of their colleagues to the elimination stage. Yahaira Plasencia decided to vote against the comic actress. “This is not strategy. Simply, I have seen the presentation of each one of my companions and this is The artist of the year, song, dance, musical, show, all in one package. Not everyone has done it, so this is because I have seen it that way, “he said.

After presenting a Karol G mix, the jury Deyvis Orosco had a peculiar comment towards Yahaira Plasencia. “It was the best way to tell someone who wanted you not to come back that you are back. Do not forget that what does not kill you, makes you stronger, “he said.

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