Yahaira Plasencia on Pancho Rodríguez: “I love him a lot, there is a very nice bond”

Singer Yahaira Plasencia has clear goals. After being among the finalists of The Artist of the Year and having two concerts at the end of the year, the salsa company is preparing to continue expanding her professional success in 2022. At the same time, her followers continue to wonder if she is in a relationship with Pancho Rodríguez, a member of This is war.

In dialogue with + Espectáculos, Yahaira was excited that Pancho Rodríguez has recovered from health. He contracted COVID-19, for which he had to remain isolated in Chile, accompanied by his little daughter.

“Super good Panchito, good, he is with his daughter in Chile, how good he is with his daughter. I’m happy, calm down, “said the interpreter to the morning program.

Yahaira and Pancho they have been linked repeatedly. At the end of 2021 they were captured together on the beach by the cameras of Love and fire. In addition, the Chilean accompanied the singer’s family during their concerts at the Jockey Plaza.

“I’m calm, I’ve been single for a year now” Plasencia said firmly during the interview to imply that he is focused on her career plans.

“I have incredible affection for Pancho and I will always say it. I respect him a lot, I love him a lot, “he commented on the reality boy.

“There is something very beautiful between us, I have a lot of esteem for him, but right now I am focused on my things and I think he is also on his” Yahaira pointed out when speaking about the Chilean’s professional goals.

“We are good friends each one is on their own, but we still remain friends and everything is cool, “he concluded in a dialogue with América Televisión.