Yahaira Plasencia plans to debut as a dance teacher in 2022

Yahaira Plasencia has proposed different goals for this 2022. Proof of this is the recent survey that the salsa interpreter has prepared on social networks, in which she announced that she would be encouraged to teach dance classes if the users want it.

“This summer I would like to be closer to you. What do you think of some dance classes for everyone? “, Asked the sauce boat in her Instagram status.

Along with consulting her followers to debut as a dance teacher, Plasencia He also assured that he is close to revealing the projects he has been working on within the musical field with the help of House of Music.

“Surprises 2022”, wrote the singer next to a video where a recording studio is observed.

Days ago, Yahaira Plasencia wrote a heartfelt message on her main Instagram page, in which she was proud of everything achieved during 2021, and of her projected goals for this year.

“I chose the most difficult path, that of doing different things for the good of our sauce industry. (…) I know that many still do not understand the tireless work that I am doing, but I will not stop until my music is heard all over the world ”, said the interpreter.