Yahaira Plasencia reappears singing after sending a notarial letter to Pancho Rodríguez: “Our great love”

Focused on her work. The popular salsa singer Yahaira Plasencia is in the middle of the eye of the storm after it became known that she sent a notarized letter to Pancho Rodríguez. Now, the public figure reappeared on her social networks to send a message to her followers.

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This Thursday, September 29, the member of This is war made a LIVE connection on the En boca de Todos program so that everything he has said regarding the Peruvian artist. However, the interpreter of ‘Coward’ has preferred to remain silent about it.

Let’s remember that yahaira plasencia She has used her social networks to show that she is determined to prioritize her presentations, but she had a tense moment in a show because she was attacked by the attendees. This time, the sauce boat used her official Instagram account to say that she has no rest.

“There is no break, we continue,” he wrote in his story. In addition, the singer surprised by singing the well-known song ‘Si ya no está’: “It seems that the night forgot about our great love. It seems that it forgot it seems that it forgot it seems that it took your love. It seems that the night forgot about our great love”, was heard singing.

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Yahaira Plasencia happy for Karla Zapata’s victory in La Gran Estrella: “I told her whether I win or not I can support her”

Willing to provide help. Salsera Yahaira Plasencia was happy with the triumph of Karla Zapata, a member of her team in La Gran Estrella, who emerged as the winner of this singing contest, directed by Gisela Valcárcel. The “Queen of Totó” said that if the results had been different, she would still have her support in her musical career.

“I dedicate it to my whole family in Piura. I started with the covid almost eliminated, I was improving night by night with the support of my teachers,” he said. Then Yahaira Plasencia highlighted the great effort of Karla Zapata to win this title and assured that she will support her. Likewise, she revealed that she plans to do a musical project together, quite apart from the offer of Sergio George who proposed to record a single.