Yahaira Plasencia reveals that in another country he does his thing: “There yes with all the creams”

The sauce boat Yahaira Plasencia participated in the YouTube program “Hablando Huevadas” where she was encouraged to talk about the ampays that was the protagonist. He also confessed that he would like to lead a normal life like anyone else, but he cannot because he is a public figure.

“I often do not get that, I want to do things like anyone else, but you know that sometimes you can not, I feel that this year mistakes have been made and in one way or another they have screwed me up,” he said.

The popular ‘Reina del Toto’ said that she likes to go out with her friends, but in our country it is difficult to do so since she is romantically linked to someone.

“It’s complicated, because I love to go out to eat, go out with my friends, friends, but, I go out with a friend and I’m out, oh look Yahaira already has a new suitor, they already married me, I already have children, and everything” added.

It is for this reason that he prefers to do his thing abroad. “I’m 27 years old, I also want to go out, I want to live, but it’s complicated, that’s why I often go to another country,” he said.

“There, yes, everything … There, yes, with all the creams,” he said with a laugh.

Yahaira Plasencia would sue an entrepreneur who denounced her for not complying with the exchange

Yahaira Plasencia complied with paying for the clothes that an entrepreneur gave her to advertise on her social networks, after the complaint she made on TikTok. However, the sauce boat would be analyzing suing her.

“This man or young man told me that he was slandering, but I am not slandering. I am speaking 100% with the truth, I have captured the conversation, that she blocks us, and even the conversation where I tell her that we are waiting for her like six months … “, defended the entrepreneur.