Yahaira Plasencia slips up and doesn’t remember the website where they have to vote for her for “Ours Award”

Andres Hurtado surprised by announcing that he would have Yahaira Plasencia in his program “Saturday with Andrés“, generating great amazement and expectation among his audience. Everything seemed to be going well while he entered the television set and he was playing one of his hits, but he didn’t think that his nerves would play a trick on him.

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After finishing his first song, stolen He took her along with his “little ones” so that she can tell a little about the nomination she had in the “our prize“, where he will compete with Mark Anthony, prince royce, Romeo Santos and other artists of international stature.

By the time that Andrew allowed her to throw her cherry on how to vote for her,’the patron‘ made a small slip and inaccurately announced the web page that users should access, causing great confusion between the driver and his production team.

And it is that the name of the virtual platform was singular, while Yahaira Plasencia He made it known in the plural. Later, they had to verify and realized that the singer had been wrong.

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Yahaira Plasencia on her nomination for “Premio lo nuestro”

The singer Yahaira Plasencia spoke about her nomination at the “our prize” where she will compete alongside several international artists in the “Song of the Year – Tropical” category. In this regard, the salsa singer expressed her joy at being the one who will stand up for the Peru at an important award ceremony.

“I feel happy to be able to represent Peru at the Lo Nuestro Awards and I am very grateful for the great support in the votes that I have been receiving from my compatriots, from the media and from many artist friends who support me,” she said.

The same way, plasencia He maintained that it is a “pride” that she is the only female within that category, well, Mark Anthony, Pince Royce and Romeo Santos they are there too.

“Being the only woman in the tropical category is a source of pride for me. I feel blessed, thank God and thanks to my team, my family, my ‘Yahalovers’, my producer Sergio George and Ator Untela for trusting me” , sentenced ‘the patron‘.