Yahaira Plasencia suffers aggression before the show in Iquitos: “Don’t mess with the extensions” [VIDEO]

Moments before going on stage in Iquitos, Yahaira Plasencia received a tremendous hair pull from a supposed follower. One of the ‘ratujas’ captured this unexpected moment that she lived in the sauce boat before going on stage to offer a concert. The ‘Patron’ has not yet ruled on the matter.

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A great tumult of people wanted to see up close the ex of Jefferson Farfán who came to the city of Iquitos to fulfill a musical contract. Around her, it seemed, there were not many members of security. For this reason, a subject attacked her seconds before going up to the stage, as seen in the video published on social networks.

A ‘ratuja’ from Instarandula recorded the arrival of the interpreter ‘And I told him no’ without imagining that this incident would occur before the eyes of dozens of people who came to enjoy the show. “Video of the Yaha in Iquitos, they pulled her hair when she got on stage,” reads the message of the follower in the jungle.

Given this, Samuel Suarez he joked this time as a way of calming down the sudden situation that shouldn’t have happened. “No, don’t mess with the extensions!” Wrote the entertainment journalist who has a good relationship with the remembered ‘Queen of totó’. It is worth mentioning that in her images they did everything possible so that they did not attack her, but it was impossible due to the large number of people.

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Yahaira Plasencia: Rodrigo González assures that he does have talent: “Saying that he does not sing is petty”

The figure of Willax, Rodrigo González, who has been one of the biggest critics of yahaira plasencia, on this occasion, highlighted his talent as an artist. “Yes, he has a voice and definitely has talent, his behavior gives people something to talk about, but nobody here doubts his talent,” the popular “Peluchín” said at first.

While commenting on the final of ‘La Gran Estrella’, he continued commenting on the sauce boat that he sang at the last gala of the Gisela Valcárcel program that ended on Saturday, September 24. In addition, she hinted that she would be one of her favorites in singing. “No, saying that Yahaira doesn’t sing is petty,” she limited.