Yahaira Plasencia surprises singing a cappella: “You know I’m yours, my darling” [VIDEO]

Are you in love? We do not have that answer, but what we do know is that he surprised with his recent publications, in which Yahaira Plasencia left his thousands of followers with their mouths open by singing a romantic song a cappella.

Through her social networks, the Peruvian salsa company assured that there would be songs that make time seem to stop, and she was encouraged to sing without help or a voice editing program the theme of Jennifer Pena You know I’m yours. ”

It was via his official account Instagram that the participant of Artist of the year He dazzled with his powerful voice and fan vocal talent and at the same time revealed that this song would make you feel.

“I hadn’t listened to this song for years and today I listen to it by chance, and the first thing I did when I got home was to put it on … and it brought back many memories. There are songs that make you stop time“, wrote Yahaira Plasencia on their social platforms.

Yanely on Yahaira Plasencia: “Her heart beats for a businessman. He makes her laugh every day”

The Peruvian singer Yahaira Plasencia would have a new love according to the seer Yanely. He assures that he no longer wants to know more about footballers and that with Jefferson Farfan has a very good friendship.

“I don’t see him coming back with Jefferson Farfán, but a beautiful friendship is not ruled out, there is a feeling in the hearts of both of them. I see that he has soccer friends, but simply friends and nothing more. Her heart beats for a businessman, a friend of good vibes and who makes her laugh all day, but she is a happy girl