Yahaira Plasencia to his detractors: “My Plus is dance, I am a complete artist”

The sauce boat, Yahaira Plasencia was very proud of her last participation in the second edition of The Artist of the Year. Recall that the sauce boat, faced controversial versus with the former member of ‘Puro Sentimiento’, Estrella Torres, where she could not win, despite the fact that everyone trusted her.

Likewise, the interpreter of ‘And I said No’ stressed that she is not considered the best, but if she makes an effort she can put on a good show, because she highlights that her strength is dancing.

“I felt super good, suddenly the nerves, but I felt good and calm… Estrellita is pretty, she was also super nervous, but not at all happy and congratulations to her, she sings beautifully. I am here to learn, to continue enjoying music, ”said Plasencia.

“I think my plus is dancing, I combine the two and I think a complete artist comes out. I am not the best dancer or the best singer or the best actress, but the three things that I have I feel that I can put them together and put on a good show, “he added.

Yahaira Plasencia denies enmity with Daniela Darcourt: “That issue was invented by the press”

The popular ‘Patrona’ assured in América Hoy that Daniela is “extremely talented” and that she would like to work with her.

“There has never been a song with Daniela, that song was made by the press. Even a little while ago they sent me a package for her concert. She did it very well, she is extremely talented,” he said.