Yahaira Plasencia would sue a woman who accused her of not complying with the exchange: “He said he was defaming her”

He would not sit idly by. After the tiktoker Allison Horna made public her complaint against Yahaira Plasencia, the sauce boat canceled her debt, but the businesswoman revealed via her social networks that lawyer let her hint that they would be considering suing her for allegedly having defamed her, although she assures everything she said about the singer would be true.

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“This man or young man told me that he was slandering, but I am not slandering. I am speaking 100% with the truth, I have captured the conversation, that she blocks us, and even the conversation where I tell her that we are waiting for her like six months … “, revealed the enterprising in an update via your official account TikTok.

After he denounced her for not complying with promoting her business and keeping some pants, she influencer The business woman showed that other people had contacted her to give her their complaints about the salsa interpreter, who would not even have apologized to her, but her lawyer did, who would have made it clear that there could be legal consequences for going public. your complaint.

“All this would have been avoided if she had been honest with us, or at least with me, if she had told me ‘here is the subscription, here’, if I wanted to, I was blocked or not,” said the businesswoman after a possible demand for Yahaira Plasencia for showing their bad experience through their social networks, thus generating thousands of reactions on the popular platform, turning the case into viral.

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What was the accusation that tiktoker made against Yahaira Plasencia?

The Peruvian singer Yahaira Plasencia was accused of not fulfilling some exchanges and of keeping some pants that had been given to her in exchange for advertising on social networks in favor of a entrepreneurship. The tiktoker confessed that it was not the first time that the sauce company asked them for a trade in exchange for promoting their business, but that the last time they failed and even blocked it.

“In the month of July we contacted that lady so that she can advertise us through her stories with pants, a jean, which is what I sell in my business. All good, we sent it to her, they uploaded it, she helped us one in which another sale because it was not something wao, then everything cool … I told him that I no longer wanted his publicity. read completely. ‘He told me to send him more jeans to advertise for us. What’s wrong with him?