Yahaira surprises as a Heat Awards figure: “The boss is waiting for you” [VIDEO]

He is already rubbing shoulders with the international media. The Peruvian singer Yahaira Plasencia would downplay the comments of her detractors regarding her singing talent and responds elegantly with a message from Heat TV.

Through their social networks, the national sauce boat reposted a publication of the famous international television house, in which they highlight that the Peruvian interpreter would already be the main image of the Heat Awards after managing to conquer the public with his music.

It was via her official Instagram account that the salsa singer revealed that she was part of the top 10 of the best moments of Heat tv during 2021, and this time he would not only offer his talent, but also interviews with the music and entertainment channel.

“The boss is waiting for you on LosHeat.tv with interviews, music and live shows. If you are a fan of Yahaira Plasencia download our #app, then tell us how about #YahairaPlasencia #LosHeatTv “, dictated the post of Heat tv in which he mentioned the sauce boat.

Will Yahaira Plasencia return to EEG ?: “He did nothing. You never know”

The sauce boat Yahaira Plasencia revealed if she would think about being part of This is War again and reveals that the 2021 season did nothing and was a headache for Peter Fajardo.

“No, I don’t think so, apart from me in This is is war I did nothing, and apart from the boys they chambe. I would like to train, but not in This is war, because I did not do anything, Peter wanted to kill me … All super good, you never know what might happen, but right now I’m focused on my music … “, he sentenced.