Yailin’s lawyer confesses that a commentator accused her of being a prostitute

Lawyer Andres Toribiowho represents the urban exponent Yailin the most viral in a legal case for the fight between the singer and the celebrity commentator Happy Mey (Stove)revealed during an interview that the radio host made accusations “systematically” against her client.

Toribio told Manolo Ozuna’s YouTube channel that Feliz would have assured on social networks that Yailin was hired to have several sexual encounters with the Puerto Rican ragpicker Anuel AA, who is now her husband.

Likewise, the jurist explained that he suggested to the Dominican that she ignore those comments, but that being pregnant and meeting Feliz in person, they could be the reasons that generated the incident on January 19.

On January 20, the panelist for “El Show de Luinny” sued Yailin for physical assault.

The plaintiff told the authorities that she was at the Riva Hair Center beauty center, in Sambil, when Yailin arrived at that place along with Kimberly and two other women and after a heated exchange of words, the Dembowsera “threw my cell phone of her in the head”.

In addition, Feliz said that knowing Yailin’s pregnancy status, he tried to “grab her hands”but Kimberly “also assaulted me, they hit me in the face, my head, they ripped off my extensions, they hit me a lot on my arms, my neck is immovable, the blows they gave me were with their fists and they scratched me.”

Days later, a certificate attributed to the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif) circulated with the alleged Yailin tries to prove that she was attacked during an altercation with Feliz, although in an interview, the radio host denied that the singer received any blows from her.