Yarita Lizeth and the hardest moments she lived before becoming famous

Yarita Lizeth Yanarico Quispe continues to grab headlines. After her extensive interview with youtuber Carlos Orozco, the Juliacan woman gave details of her musical beginnings, her love affairs, her support for the latest marches in Lima, and also recalled difficult times she had to experience before achieving national and international fame.

Yarita Lizeth, who made her love break a musical success, assured that before becoming a star of the southern huaino, she lived through episodes that really marked her life, such as the death of her mother. She knows what other difficult moments she had to experience the interpreter from Puno.

Yarita Lizeth assures that she never had it easy. Photos: Facebook Yarita Lizeth

Yarita Lizeth lost her mother at the age of 15

At the beginning of the interview with Carlos Orozco for his YouTube channel, Yarita Lizeth assures that her song “Madre” marks a before and after in her career; Well, she reminds her of her parent, who left her when she was just a minor. “It means a lot to me, it is a song to heaven, because when I sing that song I call on my mother, may she rest in peace. I lost her when she was 15 years old, ”said the interpreter of songs like“ Amigo ”and“ Corta venas ”.

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Likewise, Yanarico Quispe was sensitive when indicating that, although her mother did not get to see her succeed as an artist, she did have the opportunity to learn of her love for music and to witness her performances in her school days. “My mom knew that I liked to sing because she always sang at school, but she never saw me on stage. (She never saw me that way) professionally, no,” she said.

On the other hand, Yarita Lizeth revealed that, after the death of her mother, she felt lost and music was her great refuge. “I went to a place where I could express my suffering and it had been to perform a song. I felt that when I was singing I was venting all my sorrows and it’s like that to this day.”

Yarita Lizeth gave up her first great love

Yarita Lizeth Yanarico Quispe, 33, did not want to delve into her latest disappointment in love with a famous producer, but she did not have any problems when she spoke about the first great love she had, when she was not yet known as the “Chinita del amor”.

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Since its inception, Yarita Lizeth had to make important decisions such as moving away from her family and friends to go in search of her dreams. The Juliaca singer decided between love and music.

In an interview with Carlos Orozco, the interpreter of “Tell me the truth” assured that she was forced to give up her first love, whom she met when she was in high school, in Juliaca. According to the artist, the boy was a soccer player and was part of the Red Devils Sports Club team.

“There was a young man, he was a Red Devils soccer player in Juliaca, he bought me stuffed animals, he bought me a cake. No one had ever bought me a cake for my birthday. This, because my parents never had the possibility (financially), but a strange person never did. He made chocolate, he gave me a necklace, ”he declared with great nostalgia.

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On the other hand, Yarita Lizeth said that her first love is no longer single, but if he came back to look for her, she would have no problem getting to the altar with the person in question. “He loved me when I was nothing, I was barely a schoolgirl, there was someone who loved me. If that person told me today to be, ‘Yarita, I want to marry you’, I accept it, ”she said.

“I left that great love for my passion, which is singing. I left him. I haven’t seen him for years. What I know is that he is getting married. He is very faithful, it was my fault for having left that school love, sincere love, when I was nothing, I wasn’t Yarita Lizeth. I left that great love for my passion, which is singing, ”she recalled.