Yarita Lizeth: they accused her of asking for a sea for Bolivia and she responded emphatically

Yarita Lizeth is one of the artists that during the marches was openly supporting the regional protesters: he arranged the bus in which his musicians travel for those who wanted to travel to Lime and he even donated S/50,000 for the relatives of those who died in Juliaca. While these gestures have endeared him to some, they have also angered critics of the protests. These days, she has been criticized for allegedly asking that Peru give sea to bolivian. What is the truth behind this controversy?

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What did Yarita Lizeth say about giving Bolivia the sea?

In the original video, an interview from 2018 on the Bolivian program “Las principales”, the host asks Yarita Lizeth what did you think about the fact that bolivian have no sea “I think so, Bolivia has to have its sea“, replies the folk artist.

However, in those days the demand was being made in The Hague so that Chili agree to negotiate its exit to the sea with bolivian. “So, we wanted to participate in the event, but we were only watching,” adds the singer. It is in this context that they give the statements, when they were asked to Chilinot Peruagree to negotiate with the highland country.

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What was Yarita Lizeth’s response to criticism?

The “Chinita del Amor” these days denied the narrative that she asked for the Peruvian sea to bolivian. “Those who are passing parts of these interviews are not doing it with good intentions. There are even people who have edited this video pasting shots that are not continuous“, declared Yarita Lizeth in your discharge.

What I said in the interview should be put in the context of the year 2018, at the time it was bolivianin the request they made for Chile to give them access to the sea and that was under evaluation in the international court,” the folk artist settled the issue.