Yarita Lizeth will throw Plaza Norte out of the window on her 13th artistic anniversary

They denied her the Exhibition Park for a massive concert, but Yarita Lizeth Yanarico never gave in and now secured the Plaza Norte esplanade in Independencia to celebrate her 13-year artistic career.

The beloved “Chinita del amor” will literally throw the place out of the window on Saturday June 3 and has chosen two heavyweights of music to accompany her in this event.

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The girls of “Corazón Serrano” and the wall of chicha, “Los Shapis” with the popular “Chapulin el dulce” and on guitar, maestro Jaime Moreyra are confirmed. In the animation will be the duo of Qumbias and laughter, Edwin Sierra and Oscar del Río.

“Believe in yourself and you will achieve it”, is the phrase that Yarita Lizeth Yanarico has chosen for the event. She is her battle horse, since her beginnings in the world of Andean folklore, where she is now one of the greatest exponents.

She has just returned from a tour of Europe, where she gave concerts for the Peruvian and Latin colony with full of flags, in the cities of Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Milan and Firenze.

“For me this is a dream, happy to receive all the love from people, that feeds my soul and gives me strength to move forward in this difficult world of art,” the interpreter of “Unrequited Love” said excitedly.


Yarita Lizeth is with all the batteries on and has been determined to find new voices for Peruvian folklore, in a reality show that will give a lot to talk about.

She has avoided giving further details and is handling everything under one hundred keys with her work team. What she did transcend is that she will summon girls from all over the country.

The main requirement is that they have talent on stage. In the next few days, the official call will be made, but he wants to give an opportunity to so many young people who dream of having a name in the artistic world.


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