Yasna Provoste announces her support for the leftist Boric in the second round of Chilean elections

The former presidential candidate Yasna Provoste announced this Tuesday, November 23, his support for the leftist Gabriel boric facing the ballot that the current deputy will have to face before the far-right José Antonio Kast, on December 19.

“I will vote for Gabriel Boric. We have the duty to continue working for the reunion of the Democrats (…) José Antonio Kast represents the setback of all the advances and the serious risk of putting the country in a new wave of violence that can no longer resist (…) Under these conditions, I have no doubts that I will vote in favor of the stability of the country ”, assured the Chilean senator.

“Our commitment will always be thinking about the best for our country, my commitment continues to be for peace, dialogue and the end of violence of all kinds, I vote for dialogue,” added Provoste, who in the first round of last Sunday obtained the fifth place with 11.61% of the preferences.

In addition, the president of the Christian Democracy (DC) Carmen Frei, He met this afternoon with the candidate of Approve Dignity assuring that he will propose to the National Board of his party an official endorsement for the left in the second round.

“The National Board will be convened for the next few days, in it I will propose that the support for Gabriel Boric be approved in the second round to carry out deep transformations gradually, in peace and in democracy (…) we are convinced that Chile requires dialogue on public security, personal freedoms, protection of natural resources, social rights and governance ”, said the helmsman of the DC .

On the one hand, Boric proposes a government program that points towards a welfare state similar to the European one, with a feminist and environmentalist accent. Meanwhile, Kast, a Catholic lawyer for the Republican Party, defends the neoliberal model installed during the dictatorship (1973-1990) and sings a harsh discourse that goes against migrants, based on order and traditional values.

With information from EFE and AFP