Year-end omicron

Christmas and the new year passed without incident to regret, However, this Omicron did his thing. Emma had to stay in her little house in Nigua because her son contracted the virus, Ema swears and I perjure that she had caught him in New York, where she lives. I doubt it, but did not comment. My youngest son was leaving for the fair in Las Vegas, Nevada, but he couldn’t get on board because he tested positive. One of my granddaughters came from Arizona to spend the holidays with us, but the treacherous Omicron got in the way, which resulted in her having to remain isolated, unable to enjoy the revelry.

For the rest, despite the absence of the gunpowder and the noisy rockets, we said goodbye to the year, happy that it left so as not to return and with optimism because according to many, the Omicron is the last blow of the evil virus, although it seems that will stay to live, here in paradise, in the guise of badly cared for flu.

This season, however, has not been as fresh as other years, the fried has not been felt and it has also rained a lot. However, people had fun and above all dissipated, even with the threat of the baton variant.

Now they are talking about working from home again and the universities have opted for virtual classes, fortunately the authorities refuse to re-implement the curfew. So we will continue, weathering the virus and trying to normalize our routine.