Yes, you can eat varied and delicious being vegan

Lots of vegetables, a dash of color and zero animal products is the formula for recipes for Camila Dipuglia Perez. His creations stand out to the eye because of how rich they look. The great color for the ingredients that she uses gives life to the dishes and the exclusion of products of animal origin makes the young woman create unique recipes for the vegan community.

For some, giving up meat one day could be a sacrifice. Switching from protein to some vegetable is basically a “punishment” for their bodies. However, Camila, 23 years old, has shown through social networks that she during the five years that he has not consumed meatmilk of animal origin, egg, shellfish or fish, which can be eaten varied and delicious.

With more than 90 thousand followers on both Instagram and Tiktok, healthy and exotic It is the space in which Camila has compiled dozens of creations since she made the decision to be vegan in March 2018 and eliminate food of animal origin from her life from one day to the next. She says that due to the few products on the market and the limited options that people who adopt this lifestyle had, she found herself in need of fully assuming the kitchen, turning it into a space where she could exploit her creativity.

“That’s when I started uploading photos with the detailed recipes, then I started recording… the page has been with me throughout my entire process, that is, the five years that the page has been around are the five years that I have been vegan,” she says.

He says that he does not remember some flavors such as meat and that he does not need it. Nothing strange about traditional food.

Vegan cooking is totally different from normal cooking with animal products.. I already forgot how meat tastes, I no longer even remember what cheese or milk tastes like, so that is no longer part of me. I no longer try to imitate those flavors because I don’t remember”, says the young woman who declares herself a fan of bittersweet.

From typical Dominican dishes to international cuisine recipes are brought to the vegan world in their hands. It all starts with a craving for something specific, look for the original recipe and go on to choose the necessary substitutes to give it your personal touch.

vegan substitutes

Mushrooms, lentils, mushrooms, soy meat, vegetable milk and vegan cheese They are ingredients that are repeated in many of Camila’s creations and whose result has nothing to envy to traditional cuisine.

Beyond eating vegetables, always try to supplement your daily diet with all the food groups that are needed as protein, carbohydrates and fats.

He recommends to those who want to assume this lifestyle that Go to your doctor and have your routine exams done..

He comments that when starting veganism the best thing to do is stock up on natural products and leave aside the processed or imported ones that are currently on the market, since they could be bought later and are not essential.