Yessenia lashes out at Monserrat: “She grabs all the contracts, she thinks she’s her manager”

He responded with everything. Yessenia Villanueva continues the media fight she has with her father Melcochita and her wife, Monserrat. In the last month, the comedian’s family has clashed publicly due to the differences they have with the sonero’s couple. In addition to the fact that many of the heirs of Paul Villanueva They have stated that they lived through bad times in their childhood, blaming their father for not giving them the attention and affection they needed.

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What did Yessenia Villanueva say about Monserrat?

The daughter of taffy He pointed out that he had a difficult childhood, but that he does not hold a grudge against his father, but rather loves him and admires him for his artistic career. However, the story is different in relation to Monserrat, Yessenia not only demands that he not mention her or her brothers because she “is not a saint or the worker of the year”.

“My dad always lets himself be carried away by the women he has by his side. I never got involved in my father’s relationships, but money changes people,” said the comedian’s daughter.

Despite this, Villanueva continued to criticize his father’s wife and asserted that “she is selfish.” “I got the movie my dad is filming with Barraza, because I talked to the producer and what did she do? She told the producer that she didn’t want any of Melcocha’s children to participate in the film,” revealed Yessenia.

Finally, Melcochita’s daughter said that she is surprised that her father does not have his own home, despite all the contracts he has. “She takes everything. She thinks she’s her manager when she doesn’t even know how to express herself,” Villanueva asserted.