Yessenia Villanueva: How did Melcochita’s daughter come to the United States and why does she want to return to Peru?

Several months ago Yessenia Villanueva had starred in several headlines about her new stage in the United States. The daughter of Pablo Villanueva, known as ‘taffy‘He headed to gringo lands with the hope of obtaining better professional opportunities.

However, not everything went as planned, since he has just announced that he would be returning to Peru in mid-2023. In this note we tell you everything that has had to happen in North America and the reason behind his possible return to the country.

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Yessenia went for the American dream

“Thanks to my father, who did my documents, and my brothers Hussein and Susan, I am here living my own American dream. You can’t imagine the happiness I feel. My hardships and regrets are finally over,” he said. Yessenia for “Magaly TV, the firm”.

The entertainment program showed a report on the reasons that led her to travel to the north of the continent, one of which was the opportunity to do comedy and singing shows abroad.

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What does Yessenia do in the United States?

In the middle of last year, Yessenia Villanueva recounted her experience outside her country of origin. The daughter of taffy revealed that she worked as a seller of wigs and beauty items that she got thanks to the support of a Korean woman who gave her the opportunity.

“I’m looking at moving to Florida, with Susan. We will be there looking at new opportunities since work here is a bit difficult,” she mentioned.

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Why do you want to go back now?

Despite having a job and having found love, Yessenia Villanueva revealed that she has gone through many very difficult situations and that she would be thinking of returning to Peru together with his sister, in case everything does not go as expected in Florida. Both would be thinking of traveling to said state to try their luck.

The main reason that would be pushing her to return home would be that she cannot get a formal job because it is illegal.

“I was thinking of going back because, as you know, Magaly, I entered here illegally (into the United States) and I’m waiting for my trial, which is in May, to find out what they tell me,” he said.

“As I said before, sometimes the American dream is not how you think it is. Here you suffer too much because there is no work,” he added.

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What happened to your relationship with Jeimy?

Melcochita’s daughter announced in November 2022 that she was excited after starting a relationship with jeimy, a Dominican he met during his stay in the United States. In addition, she confessed that she hoped to get married soon, which did not materialize.

“He is a true gentleman and treats me like a queen. He strives to attend to me and take care of me in all aspects,” she said excitedly.

Despite the fact that they both looked quite in love, Yessenia announced that the relationship she had with a Dominican businessman had come to an end.

“We decided to give ourselves some time. Well, I’m very sad because I thought I had found the love of my life, I thought I was going to be happy,” he said in a phone call with Magaly Medina.

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The time Yessenia argued with her brothers

In August 2022, through her TikTok account, the comedian’s daughter accused her sister of kicking her out of her home in the United States. In addition, she assured that her mother also turned her back on her and that she sold all her assets in canete.

“I feel very bad because they fired me and told me: ‘If you don’t have to pay, go away.’ My niece thought that she was going to stay and beg her, but thank God I called a friend to help me (…). I spent up to three days with my son without eating, ”she expressed.

In that sense, he also said that he suffers from a disease that would be costing him his life.

“The truth is that I have a disease and I am going to die. My family bullies me for that. I always say that the last days that I stay are to help my family. I ask God to give me more time to life to help my son and my granddaughter,” he said.