Yiddá Eslava celebrates seeing Argentina world champion: “They deserve it, they have made me cry” [VIDEO]

I could not believe it! Argentina’s national team became the World Champion after beating on penalties France in a heart-stopping duel. This final of the Qatar 2022 World Cup gave rise to footballer Lionel Messi to close his football career with a flourish. Some Chollywood figures couldn’t help but get excited. Slavic Yiddah it was one of them.

YOU CAN SEE: Argentina is the world champion after 36 years and Lionel Messi closes his career with a flourish [VIDEO]

As is known, the couple the reality girl, Julián Zucchi, is of Argentine nationality. Thus, from the start of the World Cup, both proved to be faithful to the albiceleste. Now, she couldn’t help but shed a few tears when she saw that the South American team managed to win in the round of penalties to France, team that also gave everything until the end.

It is worth noting that Argentina managed to lift the cup after 36 years and its leader Messi He managed to get his hands on said award after having lost 4 finals. Therefore, through Instagram, Yiddá Eslava decided to congratulate the footballer and the Argentine team. “A great game oh, now we’re going to penalties, come on guys,” was his message at the beginning, without imagining that they would become world champions.

“Come damn ***, they deserve it, they made me cry, they made me scream, they made me renege, come on Argentina damn *** World Champion! (…) I’m crying like crazy, let them know They deserve it” “You deserve it, they deserve it,” added the influencer, who posed with an Argentine-Peruvian shirt and stressed that “Leo” deserved it.

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Julián Zucchi and his comments of encouragement to Argentina

The Argentine Julián Zucchi also commented on his team ‘Albiceleste’ and expressed that he wanted to see a victory, this after the game between Argentina and the Netherlands.

“It will be a difficult match, but we have Messi and I am confident that the team can win, even if it is by a goal, a penalty, a header or a champa, but they score a goal,” he said.