Yimmy Gamero: “My desire as an Arequipeño is to play in Melgar”

yimmy gamero He was one of the players who stood out this year in Deportivo Binacional, a team that qualified for the first phase of the South American Cup after finishing eighth in the accumulated of the League 1.

His work was important in the midfield. He has a mark, good service to his teammate, deployment throughout the field and a powerful shot from long distance.

The young footballer gained confidence, the coach gave it to him wilmar valencia who has a special appreciation. However, his desire is to play in the professional team of FBC Melgar, the club in which he was trained as a footballer and with which he has a contract for the whole of 2023.

“Beyond having achieved the dream of playing professionally in Puno, my desire, as a good Arequipeño that I am, is to play for FBC Melgar. I had a good campaign playing far away, but my priority will always be my team, the red and black team,” Gamero told La República.

2022 has been a good year for Gamero. He earned the starting job, scored his first two goals and was called up to the peruvian team sub-20. In the microcycles that he completed in Lima, he left his soul in each practice to continue in the orbit of the team.

“It was a good experience, I really liked it, there is everything to do a good job. Proteins, fruits, gym, physiotherapists, doctors and training with professionals who motivate you in every aspect”, he explained.

It was not easy for Gamero to get used to the cold climate in Juliaca and to travel every day for an hour from Puno to Juliaca to do his training. He became very valuable to the support his uncle gave him. Gilbert to adapt to the rhythm of life that professional soccer gave him in Binacional.

Finally, he told La República that he was motivated to keep going by the joy that his parents caused to see him as an important player in their team and playing almost every weekend. “His happiness is mine and that motivates me much more,” he commented.