Yiyo Sarante with concert Brunel Hotel on May 20

the salsa Yiyo Sarante and the typical merenguero Yovanny Polanco They will perform in an e-concert that will take place on Saturday, May 20, starting at 9:00 pm, at the Brunel Hotel Boutique, in Boca Chica.

In this concert Yiyo Sarante He will perform his hits, including “Save me”, “You would have told me”, “You are going to miss me”, “Corazón de acero”, “Sin esencia”, “Evidencia”, “Prohibime verte”, and many more from his wide repertoire. .

Similarly, the typical musician Yovanny Polanco He will sing along with his group the songs “I was the love of his life”, “El puente seco”, “La Típiquita”, “El favor”, “Amigo divino”, “Homenaje a Nagua”; “It’s not my fault”; and many more.

The promoters of concert They assured that Sarante is one of the main exponents of the salsa genre in the Dominican Republic, who remains in popular taste for the quality of his songs.

They also indicated that Yovanny Polanco he has a track record of successes worthy of admiration and continues to make music the typical music that is danced so much in the country; especially in the Cibao.

the cheerleader of this concert exclusive is Mabel Henríquez, who was the winner of the third edition of MasterChef celebrity Dominican Republic.

to attend this concert You can get the prices and tickets by calling 849 372-6664.