“You are innocent”: Fans of “There is room at the bottom” happy with the appearance of “Gaspar” in the series

In “At the bottom there is room” Joel’s assistant mechanic, was unfairly judged when Charito accidentally discovered Gaspar’s dark past, after seeing a newspaper clipping that wrapped his food.

Given this, and with the help of Don Gilberto, Gaspar spoke with Teresita and explained everything that happened before meeting her, since he spent three years in prison as a victim. That is why Doña Nelly’s daughter trusted him again and they resumed their relationship.

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Gaspar proves his innocence with the police

Through a video, the charismatic Gaspar decided to record himself in the middle of the street in the company of police officers to explain that he is not a criminal as was claimed and between laughs make it clear that he is a good match for ‘La Tere’.

After minutes, his followers commented congratulating the luck that Don Gilberto’s daughter has and has shown his support for Gaspar.

“Friends, I am Gaspar and I want to make sure that I am innocent. Am I innocent or not?” he said, to which the police officers indicated yes, between laughs.

What did the fans say about Alejandro Villagomez’s performance?

Despite being a new character in the series, fans have been satisfied with the role he has been developing Alejandro Villagomezthe actor and musician who plays Gaspar.

“I like the character”, “Charismatic character”, “The best character of the new season”, “I like you, beautiful cholatito”, “You are the perfect match for Teresita”, “You are always happy and positive, good job” , read in the comments.

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Who is Alejandro Villagomez?

Alejandro Villagomezthe actor who plays gaspar in “AFHS” is a musician, percussionist, singer and member of “The Juanelos”, who has more than 20 years of experience in musical and theater arts.

He has worked with different theater groups and producers, as well as national and international musicals.

In addition, he has been part of such as “Duelo de malambo”, “El musical”, “Karibu”, “Ay amor”, “El amo Harold y los muchachos”, “Romeo y Julieta”, “Mis raíces”, “Zona barrio ” and “Barren”.

Alejandro is now part of the cast of “Al fondo hay sitio” and is the new illusion of ‘Theresa‘, but what very few knew is that the actor was only going to appear in the series for ten episodes, but now he is about to complete a month playing ‘Gaspar’.