“You believe the shit and you are nobody”, Mario Broncano once again challenges Jonathan Maicelo [VIDEO]

Mario Broncano and Jonathan Maicelo promised to get into the boxing ring to give Peru a show, but the previous fight got hot when they had “La Cobra” in one corner and “Rocky de los Barracones” on the other side, saying that everything.

Teleports announced that Mario Broncano made it all the way to Jonathan Maicelo’s high-performance hub, Fighter Fit. Likewise, the veteran boxer once again challenged the chalaco to just three rounds.

For that reason, “the Rocky de los Barracones” was not far behind and faced him because Broncano told him “that he did not beat anyone”, a statement that he did not like at all.

Jonathan Maicelo, who knows how to master stage fright by having a legend like Mario Broncano, left him a little girl. “If you want, I’ll give you 12 months to prepare,” he replied.

Jonathan Maicelo vs. Mario Broncano: of insults and others

Mario Broncano and Jonathan Maicelo made the Peruvian public expectant with their next fight, but the previous one was heated with verbal attacks.

“You believe the ch *** and you are nobody”, “tormenting”, “pichiruchi”, “you only go out in programs where they laugh at you”, were the verbal slaps that both said.

Mario Broncano vs. Jonathan Maicelo: When will the fight be?

It has been a month since both boxers vowed to face each other in a ring, so there are two months left in which both prepare to the maximum to arrive in optimal conditions for the fight in January or February 2022.