Young Dominican fulfills his dream of studying at Berklee; had requested help

Thanks to your talent, perseverance and focus, Gabriel arvelo is already achieving his dream of studying in Berklee College of Music.

Although he always had the support of his relatives, after being accepted, the 17-year-old got down to work and knocked on doors, opened an account on “Gofundme” with the aim of completing the money that he needed to start his training.

“I am a 17-year-old musician from the Dominican Republic and I was accepted into Berklee College of Music. but i’m missing a big chunk of money for tuition and going to Berklee it has always been my dream. I have completed the most important step, will you help me to achieve it? ”Is the motivation that the musician made in his request for help on the donation platform. And the dream was achieved!

“Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? First I want to thank God for giving me the patience, dedication and energy to keep going to achieve this great dream that I have always wanted. I am extremely grateful to you for having helped me to publicize my case by sharing it everywhere, “he wrote next to an image with a Dominican flag and several cuts where he is seen in the facilities of Berklee.

“Now begins the adventure that I have always dreamed of and I will give one hundred percent of my strength to put the Republic on high and stand out in film music,” he continued.

In one of his posts on Instagram, the talented musician recreated the process from leaving his country with a suitcase full of dreams to settling in his new training residence.