Young man dies crushed by an elevator on the same day of his birthday

A young man tragically lost his life on the same day as his birthday in Cartagena, Colombia. According to the authorities investigating the case, the man died on April 14, after being crushed by an elevator when he was in his workplace.

The victim has been identified as Julio Armando Buelvas, who, according to the witnesses’ version, was moving merchandise to a refrigeration room. It is during this task that a freight elevator fell on him. The damage was so severe that his friends couldn’t do anything to save him.

Julio Armando Buelvas was 26 years old on the day of the accident. Photo: Infobae

Police officers arrived at the accident area. metropolitan police, who cordoned off the company to initiate investigations. On his part, the victim’s relatives, who were already preparing to celebrate his 26th birthday, abandoned their plans and came to the establishment, where they mourned the loss of the young man.

At the moment, the company, which is dedicated to the processing and preservation of marine products, has not ruled on the tragic departure of its employer, who had been a warehouse logistics assistant since February 2020.