Young woman worked as a bricklayer to pay for her studies and today she graduates as a lawyer

Although education should be a guaranteed right for everyone, many times that does not happen, so people have to resort to other means to get ahead. This is the case of Magali Giménez Bogarín a 24-year-old girl who has graduated as a lawyer as a product of her effort, dedication and sacrifice, as she worked as a bricklayer to be able to pay the fees that the university required.

Magali lives in the Department of San Pedro, Paraguay and studied Law at the National University of Asunción (UNA), a study center with which today he was sworn in as a professional before the Supreme Court of Justice of his country.

The young woman said that her family has always been low-income, so her dream of completing her degree seemed distant, which is why very few people knew what she was doing to finish her studies.

His family couldn’t afford college, they couldn’t even afford tuition, so he tried to find a solution. That was to work with his father, who is a bricklayer. The plan was that his father would not pay outsiders to help him finish the works, but instead would be his daughter who would work for him.

The now graduate is proud of that decision and thanks her father for the opportunity he gave her to continue with what she longed for so much. She did it with her own effort and that of her family. “There was not much problem (…) it is something that we did with the family to try to cover these expenses,” said the lawyer to the local Unicanal media.

Magali Giménez told her story on social networks: “I never really published this, I just helped my dad every time I could because I also had to go to college, so he is the one I worked with.”

“As my father is a bricklayer, we decided that, in order to reach that sum, he was not going to put a helper and I decided to help him in that work. My little brothers and I decided to work hard for several months to be able to pay that tuition, ”the young woman recalled in the post she made on Facebook.

“I cannot deny that I had many obstacles in my path that today give this day the most glorious flavor it could have. Without further ado, only in these six images I want to leave a precedent that reflects this entire process that not only I, but many young people, go through in search of our dreams. I can only tell you not to give up and that the one who perseveres reaches, “he added and attached some photos where he is seen carrying buckets of water and bricks.

He ended with a phrase of pride: “I swear before God and the country! Lawyer registered by the Supreme Court of Justice. I did it! ”.