Your life’s work? they pay you to drink wine and visit Christmas markets

Would you like to spend the end of the year drinking wine and visiting Christmas markets? Well, a company is looking for you and it will pay you for it!

It is the Premier Inn hotel chain. The chain is looking for 5 people who like wine and Christmas markets to offer them the position of Christmas Market Evaluators. Those chosen will have to visit the Christmas markets in Germany, the UK and Ireland and share photos of their experiences.

“Here at Premier Inn, we love everything about Christmas, and visiting a Christmas market is the perfect way to visit a new city, which is why we want to send five Christmas fans to some of the best holiday spots in the Kingdom. United and Europe to let us know, with the certainty that they can rest easy (hosted) with us after a busy day exploring the (market) stalls, ”said Simon Ewins, managing director of Premier Inn.

“The Christmas markets have been going from strength to strength in recent years, so we know our official Christmas Market Evaluator role will be a dream job for many, with the opportunity to explore markets in the UK, Dublin and Germany.” Ewins added.

Premier Inn will cover all costs for travel and hotel stays and will give each of the chosen persons some cash. In fact, each person chosen will be able to bring a friend, who will also have everything covered.

How to apply? You must enter this website and tell about your most recent visit to a Christmas market. You will only have 250 words to review your visit and tell what it was you enjoyed the most.