YouTube, Facebook or Twitch: which one offers better monetization to its content creators?

After how much a content creator makes on average in Twitch the question arose as to whether this monetization is consistent with the effort involved in the activity of creating content for the Web. The purple platform is currently experiencing its best moment, but it is only limited to developing live broadcasts. Therefore, several creators opt for social networks to generate posts, videos or reels that can be viral in order to get a good pay for visits.

Basically, today there are two ways to make money in one social network. On the one hand, they can pay you for the number of views your content; while on the other hand you can monetize what you post hanging out with brands that pay you or promoting products and services.

Next, we will see how much the social networks most used by users around the world, in order to evaluate which is the most profitable and what steps are necessary to access a monetization through this means.

To start uploading videos and receiving monetization from your views, the chinese social network it requires that the creator be older than 18 years-old and that you have a minimum of 10,000 followers on your profile. Similarly, TikTok asks its creators to have at least 10,000 views for a month.

By not having an official statement on the monetization of users in this social network, the creators have stated in their account that it is possible to earn between $ 0.02 to $ 0.03 per 1,000 views which means that for every million views you can get 30 dollars.

With the advent of Twitch, the video platform of Google has been one of the most affected in recent years due to the problems it has had with its youtubers and the changes of norms that do not please much of the community. Nonetheless, million creators They still use this space as a way of working, but getting it is not easy.

It turns out that to get money in Youtube first you must exceed 4,000 hours viewed in your videos. With the last update It is no longer necessary to have a minimum number of subscribers on your channel to start monetizing. Consequently, the platform has reported that pays 0.001 cents per view that is, a video that reaches 100,000 views would award an approximate of $ 100.

In the case of purple platform Being a practically new social network that does not have as many creators as its competition, it can distribute greater amounts of money to those who be affiliated or Twitch partners. To be an affiliate content creator, that is, to be able to start monetizing here, you must have at least 500 minutes in total broadcast per month.

Also, you must perform at least seven days of streaming monthly as well as having a minimum of 50 followers and having an average of three different and concurrent viewers in the last 30 days. To become a partner the task is more complicated, since it does not depend so much on the achievements on the platform, but rather Twitch evaluates the potential of each creator.

In any case, the minimum hours of streaming for this option is 25 and you must connect at least 12 days a month. Twitch It is currently the network that moves the most money for its creators; among them, streamers like Rubuis, Auronplay or Ibai that have approximately 20,000 monthly subscriptions and that receive more than 400,000 euros per month just in this section.

Facebok was renamed Goal and with this name change it brought with it several new features on its platform for users. One of the options that remains to date is the program Facebook for Creators which allows you to earn money if you have a fanpage with 10,000 followers or more and as long as you exceed 30,000 reproductions in videos that last at least three minutes.

One factor against the creators of Facebook is that it has the strictest community rules on social media. However, the payment on the platform every time improves, since currently you can get between $ 0.2 and $ 3 for every 1,000 views of a video depending on the type of ad that is displayed on your page.