YouTube: how to watch ad-free videos on your phone and without downloading strange apps?

Removing YouTube ads is quite simple, as long as you visit the platform from a computer since you will only have to install an extension in your browser that block advertising; However, this task can be more difficult for people who often watch videos from a smartphone or tablet.

To avoid advertising on mobile devices, many users prefer to download modified versions of Youtube; however, these apps are not recommended, as they are not found in Play Store or App Store but on unreliable download sites, it is even possible that these APKs are infected with some malware.

Fortunately, there is a safe method to play YouTube videos without advertising on your smartphone or tablet, you just have to follow these simple steps:

1. Enter the Play Store or App Store and download the browser Brave

2. Open the application and type in the address bar.

3. When you are on the official YouTube page, you will have to enter settings by Brave.

4. Select the option ‘Add to home screen‘to create a shortcut icon to YouTube.

That would be all. Now when you want to access YouTube on your cell phone, you should not choose the application that is pre-installed, but the Brave icon that you just created. All the videos you enter will be ad-free you can even enable background playback to listen to your favorite music with the screen off.