YouTube Learning: meet the new educational tool by Google

Google has announced its most recent product: YouTube Learning, a new section in its well-known streaming and broadcasting platform for audiovisual content. Because YouTube already acts as the public repository for a number of educational materials, the industry giant has decided to pursue efforts to reach students globally.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unimaginable impact on the routines of millions of people and virtuality has swept through our lives just as the virus did. Remote assignments and classes involve the use of applications such as Google’s YouTube Zoom Google Drive or Microsoft’s OneNote.

Google turned its popular app into YouTube Learning, an educational resource center open to students of all ages, countries and social conditions. The aim is to put in the hands of children and young people important documents for their education, which are already available in various channels on the Google website.

It will not be new software. An extra section was opened within the existing YouTube interface. In this way, to access YouTube Learning it will only be necessary to enter the app and click on the tab called Learning, which will be positioned among the options of the literal bar.

The educational contents are organized by subject, for example, there will be archives of mathematics, history, physics, among others. Within these folders, you can choose the video you want and also clarify any questions you have about any of your college courses. Google ensures that, in addition, each video will have a simple and fun format to guarantee its maximum use.