YouTube opens a ‘School for gamers’ and so you can take part in the trainings

Youtubers who are dedicated to producing content about video games on YouTube have contributed to the exponential growth of the audiovisual content platform. In the first six months of 2021 alone, more than 800,000 million video views in the ‘Gaming’ category were recorded by the website in addition to 90 million hours of live streaming and 250 million hours of all the published files.

With these figures in mind, YouTube decided to make a new edition of its ‘School for Creators’. This time, from November 23 to December 2, it will be transformed into a ‘School for Gamers’ and will consist of a series of free and open trainings for all video game content creators.

The free trainings will be broadcast via live streams on the YouTube Creators channel and will be stored for anyone who wants to revisit them. The educational program will culminate on December 2 with a panel that will revolve around the theme of women in the video game industry. LuzGamingXD, Micaela Mantegna from Women in Games Argentina and Isabel Gracia Vargas from the Project Manager of Google Spain will be the participants.

To register, you just have to enter your data on the event website. You can click on this link: The site will give you the possibility to participate in a minimum of one session and a maximum of four sessions. Next, we list the dates on the agenda: