Youtuber Luisito Comunica stars on the cover of Playboy Africa smoking marijuana

Accompanied by the model Jaqueline Mosa and smoking a marijuana cigarette, the Mexican “influencer” Luisito Comunica entered the select group of men who have starred on the cover of the popular adult magazine Playboy, in his case in the African edition.

“This month I’m the cover of Playboy, I don’t know if it makes me laugh, I don’t know if it makes me want to cry, this is something very ‘cool’ (good). I’ve been a fan of the magazine since I was a child”, The 30-year-old “youtuber” assured on his social networks.

In 2020, the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Bad Bunny became the first Latino to star in the first digital cover of the American firm.

But it is joined by names like those of Hugh Hefner – creator of the magazine -, the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, the actor Peter Sellers, the guitarist of Kiss Genne Simmons, or the singer Bruno Mars, as some men of the few chosen to do so.

As he expressed with emotion in his Instagram stories, the invitation came after he did some work in Africa as part of the “videoblog” that he has published for years for the YouTube platform.

“I met some people who liked my work in Africa last year where I documented various things. They were interested in the point of view of a well-known person from another continent on cultural issues in Africa and one thing led to another and boom! “he explained.

From the Instagram account of the African magazine, a statement by Luis Arturo Villar is read that is part of the interview that was already published in the printed version of January.

As announced, Villar had a conversation about the experiences he had as a foreigner living with some African tribes.

“African culture is fascinating, especially how proud they are of the tribe they come from and respect it. The fact that indigenous tribes are still alive today is fascinating,” advances the publication on the statements of the “influencer” who lived together with the Hadzabe tribe in Tanzania.